About Tarot Therapy

In my own personal work with the tarot and in working with others I am amazed that whatever the question asked off the tarot it will offer an answer so tarot therapy can work with any issue we are facing.

The tarot acts as a mirror to what is currently going on for you and the space between you and the symbolic language of the tarot cards gives an opportunity for new insights awareness transformation and potential to emerge.

Within the language of the cards, we can see clearly where we are and importantly how we can move forward into the direction we wish to as the symbols speak directly to our inner world.

In my role as tarot therapist, I work with my intuition, knowledge and experience to facilitate this process with you. There often will be tasks offered between sessions as homework to deepen and integrate the process.

This helps to bring the process alive, as the most important aspect of the session is how you bring it out and express the therapeutic process beyond the session in your everyday life, the tarot is a wise companion in assisting this.

I work with process more than time so a session unravels until it is complete this can be up to an hour or an hour and a half though has been longer and shorter.  

Depending on the issues you are addressing a number of sessions may be beneficial or as an ongoing personal therapy journey, however this will be a personal choice for you to make. Sessions can be in person, I work just outside Perth city in Scotland or world-wide via Zoom or Skype.

I ask £40 per session please confirm session booking by payment to PayPal account email brianandersontarottherapy@outlook.com or contact for BACS details.