Welcome to Tarot therapy from Scotland my name is Brian Anderson. I am a qualified counsellor with over twenty years experience working mainly in education settings, alongside the NHS and in residential and community based therapeutic support.

I now work with the Tarot as a therapy. As my ever growing relationship with the Tarot evolves I continue to be amazed at the possibilities of working with the Tarot as a therapy and way to explore the energy and opportunities that are currently available to us.

I am based outside Perth city in Scotland where I offer individual tarot therapy sessions as a therapeutic process, as well as my work with the Tarot of Shamanism these sessions can be in person or from anywhere in the world via Zoom/Skype or email.

The Tarot offers a language of universal symbols and as such these will speak deeply to all unlocking insight and potential. While also revealing what is blocking this potential from being expressed and helping us to see what we need to see and previously could not.

In the session we find ways to both learn from and move beyond challenges you may be facing. The process opens a way for us to move through life in a more integrated, creative, dynamic and empowered way.

Experience with this process has shown it is important to be and understand where we are, for then we are able to look to our futures from a more grounded place, the Tarot offers both these possibilities to us.

As you respond to this symbolic language of the cards chosen I invite your own insights and intuition while I listen and offer my knowledge intuition and experience with the tarot therapy process as a collaboration bringing guidance, insight, healing and empowerment.

I draw upon though do not always go with the standard traditional meanings for the cards but together we work with a more intuitive and personal sense in response to your questions it is amazing how the tarot responds to our asking.

The 78 cards of the tarot holds a map of the journey through life revealing secrets and ways to navigate this mystery and wonder of life in all its many forms of joys and challenge. In this process within the triangle of yourself and your intentions and the issues you wish to explore, the Tarot itself, me as a facilitator together we clear a way to a broader potential and awareness of yourself.

My own initiation into the Tarot and learning came under the training of Steve Hounsome a teacher and writer of the Tarot as a therapy. I am a member of the Tarot Association of the British Isles and uphold their code of ethics.

Building on my roots as a counsellor I feel I have found a way to offer the tarot in a effective practical and grounded way. The tarot offers a different way of looking at the issues we face and guides us as we navigate a new way forward.